Rubaiyat Rio

The tradition of sophisticated premium cuts at Rubaiyat restaurants and the innovation of Mediterranean cuisine at A Figueira Rubaiyat are together in the same place, in Rio de Janeiro.

Rubaiyat Rio is located at the Jockey Club Brasileiro, in Jardim Botânico. There are 350 seats, 160 of them located on a large balcony overlooking Christ the Redeemer and the Jockey tracks. You feel like you are in a postcard of the city.

On Saturdays, the restaurant repeats a classic of Rio gastronomy: feijoada. Made with baby pork from the Rubaiyat farm, it comes with shakes, cover charge and a dessert buffet.


With 1,400 m2, the space has a beautiful architectural design designed by Marcos Perazzo and Miguel Pinto Guimarães. In the dining room, customers have a wide view of the kitchen and can watch the preparation of dishes.


Botanical Garden – Rio de Janeiro
Rua Jardim Botânico, 971 – Jardim Botânico

+55 (21) 3204-9999

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opening hours

Segunda e Terça das 12h às 22h
Wednesday to Saturday from 12pm to 11pm
Sunday from 12:00 to 18:00